Lawn & Garden poisonous

The Noxious Weed Tansy Ragwort »

The beautifully colored mass of bright yellow flowers on this plant belie the dangers it poses. All parts of this plant are highly poisonous to livestock, especially cattle and…

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How to Control Tomato Hornworms »

The adult form of the tomato hornworm caterpillar is the beautiful sphinx moth. If you have four o'clocks or other evening-flowering plants you may have seen these moths hovering over…

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Yellow Starthistle »

If eaten in large quantities it can inflict a serious nervous disease in equines called Chewing Disease. At the onset of symptoms the disease is 100 percent fatal. …

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Indian Walking Stick Adult

Walking Sticks Tread Path of Destruction »

For years, these non-native insects have been sold on the Internet as pets, even thought it is illegal to keep them in the United States without a permit. Many websites…

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Bagrada hilaris

New Exotic Invades California And Arizona »

This article about the Bagrada Bug, just posted on the Pest Control Center Inc. blog, illustrates the ongoing threat from invasive species.…

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Home Buyer’s Nightmare: Bed Bugs »


Dealing with a pest infestation can be frustrating and bothersome to a homeowner. One must consider the costs, time and…

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How to Control the Common Clothes Moth »

Webbing Clothes Moth Adult, Photo by: Olaf Leillinger

Webbing Clothes Moths aka. Common Clothes Moths are an infrequent problem but, if you've ever experienced an infestation of these…

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Bed Bugs Suspected of Spreading MRSA and VRE »

Adult Bed Bug Feeding

A paper, detailing the results of a study by Canadian scientists, released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), entitled,…

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Issues & Opinion

Pesticides Are Used for a Reason »


In an ideal world we could reason with the insects, discuss the many ramifications of their diet or their laying eggs in food reserved for genus homo. Or, we could fiddle with fungi, so rot we have not. Or plead with the weeds — leave…

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The Napa Valley Grape Growers – Preserving Napa for Generations to Come »


Blessed with fertile soil ideal for growing grapes, the Napa Valley has blossomed into one of the world's foremost centers of wine production. The vast majority of land used for agriculture is devoted to producing grapes. With such a lack of diversification, farmers have, quite…

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The Unintended Costs of “Going Green” »

Pile of Money

Any time we humans accept paradigm shifts and make sweeping changes to the way we do things we have to consider what some call, “the law of unintended consequences.” This law seems to come into play when we make changes based more on…

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Editorials Adult Female Mosquito Feeding

Dengue Fever And Other Diseases May Increase As We “Go Green”

So, let me see if I understand the logic here…the immediate danger posed by West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and Hemmoraghic Dengue Fever, are preferable to chemicals, which are proven to lower the incidence of such…

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"Big Bucks"

Three Ways That Cutting Pest Control Service to Save Money Could Really Cost Property Owners and Managers.

In this time of recession, property owners and management professionals, like other business people, are looking for ways to cut costs. One place to cut costs is service contractors. One of the first services…

May 18 2010 / Read More »


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